Forest Fortress
Forest Fortress
Forest Fortress
Forest Fortress

Forest Fortress


„Forest Fortress“ – къща на дърво, вдъхновена от характеристиките на крепостта и интерпретирана в мистериозната вселена на гората. Дървесното зърно се свива с каменната конструкция на замъците и се среща в отраженията на водата.


Детската мечта за къща на дърво, установяваща връзка с природата и изкуствената зидария на замъка. Кабина, създаваща усещане за уединение и насърчаване на преживявания, потопени в околния пейзаж.


Как би могла да бъде заплетена осезаемата индивидуалност на тези три славни замъка? Строгата архитектура на замъка Ebaupinay – доминираща върху равнината на полетата наоколо, замъкът Vibrac с заобикалящата го плетеница от мостове над многобройните разклонения на реката и не на последно място Mothe Chandeniers – богато украсен, плаващ в рова, заобиколен от мистерията на гората. Концепцията за проектиране е изградена на базата на основните характерни елементи на крепостта като структура.

Inspiration „Forest Fortress“ – a tree house inspired by the characteristics of the fortress and interpreted in the mysterious universe of the forest. The wood grain contracting to the stone structure of the castles and meeting in the reflections of the water.


The childhood dream for a tree house establishing a connection with the nature and the man-made masonry of the castle. A cabin creating the sense of solitude and promoting experiences immersed in the surrounding landscape.


How could the tangible individuality of this three glorious castles be entangled? The austere architecture of castle Ebaupinay – dominating the flatness of the fields all around, Castle Vibrac with the surrounding tangle of bridges over the numerous branches of the river and last but not least Mothe Chandeniers – richly ornate, floating in the moat, surrounded by the mystery of the woods. The design concept is established on the basis of the main characteristic elements of the fortress as a structure.


An elegant and refined tree houses embracing the tree in resemblance the way the trees have enfolded the castles. The patio around the tree gives the sense of the forest inside the interior. The enclosed structure offers the visitor the sense of solitude however the glass front wall gives a mid-air view over the castles and the French countryside.The Tree house has a main floor with a small Living room area a bathroom with shower and water-toilet, small storage space and kitchenette. The mezzanine contains a double bed and serves as an observatory. The smooth interior create a simple geometric volume. The finish of the walls in natural wood gives the sensation of the woods. The furnishing is minimal and custom made – a mattress on the floor, simple chairs and in-build storage space.


The design of the cabin, taking into account the “construction techniques” of the nature, has led to a proposal of the assembled branches supporting the cabin. The construction is inspired by the branches of the trees and clings easily to the any tree. It is also adaptable to clinging on a pile, should it is decided to construct the house in the moats surrounding the castles. Module 1 of the tree house consists of 3 separate modules compliant with the stages of building the supporting structure. Uniting Module 1 with two additional parts (identical in terms of dimensions with the already mentioned modules) creates the shape of the Module 2. This creates the possibility of easily assemble and disassemble every part of the house. The design creates the opportunity to extend Module 1 to Module 2 when needed.

Project Lead:

MArch Kristin Gaydarov