Piscina Mirabilis
Piscina Mirabilis

Piscina Mirabilis

The design proposal aims at reviving Piscina Mirabilis as a Contemporary Art Museum. It focuses on integrating the building into the everyday life of the citizens, creating a new public space and thus making it more attractive for visitors of the exhibitions.

Entering the building the visitor is welcomed by the water cascade behind the glass wall. It gives the sense of the primary function of the building. The Social area is the heart of the building. It is flexible and could be used for events and exhibition openings. The fabric on the ceiling recreates the feeling of the water and the shadows it casts while moving will further strengthen than feeling. Thanks to the semi floor the Contemporary Art museum could host more than one exhibition simultaneously, using the “social area“ as a separate exhibition space. The glass pathway gives the visitor to experience Piscina Mirabilis from above. The construction is separated from the original building and is designed in bold colors in order to be distinctive.

The public space is designed on a separate construction, elevation 1.50 m. above the existing roof. It is meant to recreate the position of the columns inside the Piscina Mirabilis, giving those new functionalities – benches, skylights, flowerpots but most of all space of temporary exhibition in the open. On the south-western corner an observation deck is located, elevating at 3.00m. above the existing building. It serves as an entrance to the public space giving the visitors the best view from the site over the bay. The Conference room is located in a new building, separating the public space from the existing houses. The facade is orientated to the public space and recreates the shape of the columns and arcs inside the Roman reservoir in a contemporary way. It is designed to be used separately from the Museum.

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Project Lead:

MArch Kristin Gaydarov


Naples, Italy